Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing website visibility from search engine results. It is a sub-set of marketing for search engine, which is referred as copywriting. Most of the techniques are used to promoting websites in search engine results and deals with text. Here some SEO techniques are included:

  • Website developing and designing to rank well.
  • Improve the website volume and traffic quality.
  • Marketing is an essential form of understanding how does search engine algorithm works and how to search human visitors.

How do search engine works?

Several activities could perform search engines and delivered on the search engine result pages.

  • Crawling: Web page is a process of linking and fetching to the website. It is performed by software called as spider or crawler.
  • Indexing: Fetched web pages are created to index and to keep from giant databases where it can be retrieved later. This essential process of indexing is identified by the expression and words, which describes particular keyword from assigning web page.
  • Processing: Search engine processes are compared to the request of search string with the indexed database pages.
  • Calculating relevancy: More than 1 page contains a search string, then start to calculate each and every page relevancy in its index.
  • Retrieving results: This is a last step of search engine activities, which is nothing than simply to browse and display the pages.

Search engine likes Google, Yahoo often to update the relevancy algorithm dozen times as per month. Change the ranking is due to something beyond control or else algorithmic shift. The basic operation of search engine principle is same, but the difference between minor relevancy algorithm leads to the major changes of relevant results.

SEO copywriting:

SEO copywriting is a text method of writing viewable on the web page, then it reads well and target on specific search terms. The purpose of search engine is targeted to highly ranked for search terms. Usually, it is optimized by others on page elements including title, keyword tags, headings, description and alternative text along with the viewable text. Search engine wants to genuine content page, but not often additional pages called as doorway pages. This doorway page is created for achieving purpose in a high ranking website.

Search engine rank:

Search engine is a process of website development and designing to be attained high rank in results. Any keyword can use to search for search engines and display thousands of results in founding database. Page ranking is calculated by the position of displaying web pages in search engine results. If the search engine is putting first position of webpage, then webpage rank is one and assumed highest rank on the web page.

On page and off page SEO:

There are 2 ways of optimization:

  • On page SEO: It provides, good content, selection of keyword, put the keyword in a correct place and every page gives appropriate title.
  • Off page SEO: It includes link building, increase link popularity by the submitting open directory, link exchange and search engine.

Rule of SEO:

Search engine marketing is known to play games and set by Google. Then know 1 rule in SEO will use in future. Google playground is able to play games and win by their rules or Google eyes is looking to know leading SEO mastermind and its perfection around the world. Many online marketers wants same problem, so the Google has listed to the best and top possible keywords. Google has been created billions of algorithms on the web pages and websites, which is sorted by adding relevant words and improved browsing user experience through search engines. Google Company is believed to try one good thing so improve free deliver service to the best possible visible experience. Lots of useless stuff is well eliminated on dumping spam and hackers through the internet.

SEO processes:

SEO expert has really looked to the natural search engines such as blogs, links and social profiles. Naturally, this problem is looking for older big brands like Amazon, Wikipedia or Google is believed for looking to link profile and naturally it gives 90 percent of other people sharing, blogging, reviewing and partnering their brand. A professional SEO expert makes everything look like a 100 individual people work, but not try to boost one person on the website. There is no authority, real traffic and credibility of the website. Google algorithm is sophisticated to find all information and possible footprint signs scanning that indicate something not natural. The biggest goal of SEO expert is doing the best job and avoids footprints.

Examples of unnatural footprints:

  • PBN: Private Blog Network is a factor of big website ranking facilities for the last ten years. Previously, PBN is used to buy an individual website through expired domains. SEO expert is trying to high rank passed through the link juice and authority on the main website.
  • Relevancy: Content of PBN website has relevant links from the irrelevant topical website called possible footprint.
  • Diversity of IP and web host: Each time of new PBN link uses different IP and host address, which means all PBN cannot dump on one web hosting account such as SEO is doing to use few years back. Each time the main website link is properly used to different company name and hosting account.

Social proof:

PBN is a part of effective SEO and social proof is another one. Naturally, social account has been registered for business and pays little attention to social signal. In a real traffic, they have a few authority and billions of visitors that brings last but not least to use important part of SEO successful strategy 2017.

Real Traffic:

Google gives credit to website that has real traffic to stable flow apart from the website, which has better metrics and not traffic at all. Generally, each and every real business will use to have traffic website from the words of mouths, referral and social media and some buzz around real traffic.

Business owner is well educated and presented about the search engine marketing. Business owner needs to understand that can enter the digital age and securing online solid presence of future business.