2016 year is almost over and welcome to 2017 set with bash. Now talk about business of view, this 2016 year had brought several opportunities both entrepreneur and established business. They have seen how to fall on cloud based framework and went on online in physical business. The digital recognition is getting via website, but not big deal in the year 2016. A living example of web design agency is required to crave the website. Web designer easily follows latest web trends, which helps many companies at the instant time. The most possible trends in web design and UX is to be followed in the year 2017. Now trends are already prepared to stay in 2017 digital revolution. The next web projects are better to use and land in high position in terms of low bounce rate and online customer acquisition.

Trends in web design and UX:

  • Age responsive web design: Various user age groups will react differently to the myriad of layout, content and aesthetics. The customer experience can vary through the use of perceived age with META data for the best customer connection.
  • Skeleton screen: Webpage load duration period contributes to the unimaginable user experience. The web page may vary data formats and every section is loaded on the page. It starts from simple to complex so the customers are going to see next data. Keeping bounce rate at the minimum bare.
  • Engagement bots: Chat bot is not new business phenomenon, but helps to new way of sales process in streamlining. Keep the website is performing around the clock.
  • Upsell marketing: Existing customer is easy to upsell rather than new one selling. Select the upselling is offering bundles of discounts that check out on the stage.
  • CTA buttons: Animated Call to Action (CTA) button is attracted to the user attention and induced into taking action. In addition to the subtle movement to CTA button, which send periodically polite triggers to the online visitor action.
  • Cinemagraph hero image: Know the large immersive videos and photos is drawn on user attention, but hero brings to life. Hybrid videos are created between movement and stillness. Still, photograph contains small repeated elements of movement. cinemagraph is used for high resolution and create involvement sense can boost their brand authenticity.
  • Real time persuader video: The days are gone to use biggest brands of animated videos and make it online sale. Now-a-days, real time video is done via featured real people either gives live demo or share the product experience. The real people have to touch vouch brands and products that are making fast connection towards the smooth way of sales.
  • Landing first page: Devaluation is expected to the home page since 2017, which gives good way to raise the user landing pages. It means variants of home page is required for the targeted user and delivered specific message to the specific audience. It will easily increase the conversion rate.
  • Scrolling trump navigation: Last but not least to have scrolling trump navigation. Just the fad of vertical scrolling is a mainstream and stays it, because the content keeps at the top. There is a great use of mobile securing conversion on the single page.