Digital marketing had gained lots of popularity since 2016. Create the medium and large sized business promotes services, products via several social media channels and website on their presence of online. Some marketers are going to expand their companies that enter into the digital world. The user will completely give few data available on the internet. Online marketing industry is complex, volatile and large. So the internet user can appeal to stay them ahead of the competitors. Here some of the most reliable digital and marketing trends in 2017 listed below, which is mainly focused on the effective strategy of formulating digital marketing and online campaigns.

Trends in digital and marketing:

  • Increase dominance of video advertisement: The video advertisement is nothing for new social media giants such as Facebook, YouTube and Google news enter into the SERP video advertising in fray. These changes in the entire spectrum of an online advertisement. Among the user, increasing acceptance is suggested to the video advertisement and continues the trend that may be expected various types of video advertisement popping on the screens.
  • Mobile will dominate the desktop: Google has not been optimized for phased out all websites since 2016. The presence of handheld device and fade away from the desktop traffic that indicates smart money rest on the mobile focused online marketing. In 2017, top priority of digital and marketing trend is used for mobile search and optimization.
  • Find the best way of dedicated app: The dedicated application is offering all features of mobile optimization website, but more accessible, intuitive and convenient way. Google had offered indexing app that brings to have more advantages in the future dedicated app. Still, years are away from the app so the business owner is realized to the potential and completely replaced websites. In the year 2017, there will be pivotal in mobile application development.
  • Social conversion: Online community is not bound to attraction of new customers or company consumer conversion. Instead of social media, it provides several opportunities and improves the conversion rate. Social media will be working on a new conversion channel that offers tools to convert the direct prospects into buyers.
  • Wearable technology and smart device: Google Glass, Apple iWatch and other smart devices can wear to keep the connection of digital world. See the innovation in wearable technology and smart devices will be changing the whole landscape of marketing. Digital marketing will mainly focus on the wearable technology’s potential, which diminishes difference between real marketing and online marketing.
  • Search the algorithm will change:  Search engine algorithm is being added amount of information to the internet in every second. Update the algorithm is decided to keep the search engine giant and get the priority content and also high rank in result pages (SERP). Content strategy should be remained informative, original and helpful to the audience. Digital marketers cannot focus on the Google algorithm and consider giving Bing algorithm as well as Facebook algorithm.
  • Online advertisement will become expensive: Digital marketing is practiced to have witness of tremendous growth over the last years. The competition of online dominance and space are going to expand their internet. Demand on top advertisement spot will increase the price of online advertising. Some marketers will die since 2017 and alternative to more optimized advertisement.
  • Unique and high quality content: Digital marketing is an essential part of online marketing campaign that often content referred as a king. The influx of video producer and writers will make marketing content more than competitive. Written content is an interactive, unique and high quality, which will demand of niche based writer and expertise in subject matter.
  • Conversion rate optimization to high ROI: Conversion Rate Optimization is not a sound like new term of digital marketers, but introduces the website and landing page. It helps to track the user behavior on the website and identify the elements are produced in the highest conversion. Instead of allocating few budget advertisement, digital marketer can use conversion rate optimization to the funnel more of previous traffic into sales.
  • Growth hacking continues to evolve: Digital marketers are needed to the fast grab of audience attention via social media channel and viral marketing. In 2017, organic advertisement will take hacking growth and even bigger level.

Many digital and marketing trends are needed to alter, which remains focused on the user attention and search engine giant. Most of the digital and marketing trend will continue with few potential of demonstration in all odds faces. Keep the open eyes and follow best digital and marketing trend that will keep ahead of an innovative curve.