As you know in this buying and research cycle, SEO plays a significant role. It is similar to prospect magnet, which attracts consumer to your website via relevant and critical phrases and keywords ranked top in search engines in which searchers are looking already for the details about them.


In these days, most of the businesses understand the essential concepts of Search Engine Optimization i.e. SEO and why it is significant in the market. Even though it comes to executing and developing a SEO strategy, most of the businesses don’t know about where to start. Here we are going to discussing about six steps that you can take to build all of the SEO bases that have to be covered.

Step 1: Make a Keyword List

As all of us know that keywords are the heart of SEO, and choosing the appropriate keywords can break or make your SEO strategy. Collect a list of ten keywords, which are associated with the services or products. Put those keywords in to the Keyword tool of Google, and find out the differences that make you sense for the business.

After noticing the search volume and competitions based on your measure, restrict the list to ten fifteen keywords that you would like to rank. Then you can going to rank the assigned list based on the relevance or priority to your business.

The list of the keywords must be breathing and living documents that you can update and review at least one time in a month. This will leads to ensure that you have to stay in the keyword search mode and remain your list of keywords evolving with the search trends and industry.

Step 2: Make Keyword-Focused Pages

When moving on to the websites and ranking in the search engines, it is always good to have numbers of web pages modified to particular phrases or keywords. While doing SEO, you have to try for getting a one page to rank for a list of keywords that can be next to not possible.

By using the lists of keywords, find out how many variety of web pages that you have to create. Finally, the numbers of web pages that you have to create must match with how many varieties of offerings, products and locations of your businesses have. This will leads to make it easier for the prospects and buyers to find you in the search engines in which no matter what the keywords they use.

Every web page have to add related contents for your customers and prospects and must add images and link to the web pages about your website to improve the experience of the user.

Then make a list of varieties of web pages that you would like to make and rank them based on the importance. Then make devise and a schedule a plan of attach for getting those pages made. You have to carry on rolling out the new web pages and improving the existing web pages as carrying on your optimization and keyword search. Do not forget to update the lists and give priority to the web pages, which will help you to achieve the business goals.

Step 3: Make a Blog

As you know Blogging can e an unbelievable method to rank for the keywords and connect users of the websites. After that, each post is a new web page, which gives you a chance to rank in search engines. If the businesses already do not have a blog, make one blog and create a post to blog at least one per week. However, do not forget that you are blogging mainly for your viewers not to the search engines. While making the post, think about the interest of the audience or prospects, and ensure that the post must include related and appropriate keywords in which the viewers will find normally find you.

Step 4: Make a Link-Building plan

The above three steps belongs to the on page search engine optimization methods, link building strategies are the main objective of off page SEO. It is a big thing in which how search engines give rank to your web pages. Give some time to think all of the varieties of methods that you can make inbound links to the websites. You can start with sharing the links of your website in other businesses by swap with their site links. You can write some blog post and share the same on social media websites like Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Guest posting opportunity is another way of link building techniques in which you can add your website link in the post. Other method of attract links is the article submission in which make some article based on current news and events and submit them in your blog.

Step 5: Stay Exist on SEO Practices and News

Search engine is ever developing like all marketing landscapes. Keep staying on current trends and practices are not an easy task, but many of the online resources make it as easy as possible on the top of the SEO news. The changes, which may affect to your website and the strategy of SEO.

Step 6: Track and measure the Success

SEO takes lots of effort and time. There are numbers of metrics that you have to follow on a daily, weekly, or monthly base to keep the plan on follow the measure and track for your success. Make dashboard on monthly basis by using excel and other web analytics package and which helps you to monitor the traffic which comes to the website from search.

Along with this tracking indexed pages, ROI, leads, keywords and the real ranking on the search engine result pages can help you to recognize the success and helps to find out the areas of opportunities.

Author bio:

I am Karenr Robinson. I am a content writer and making contents for marketing blogs and academic blogs. I am a full time writer who constantly suspecting considers stand-out considerations and real examination.  Now mainly focusing to write about essay writing service reviews.