For any individual or business that wants to create a website, having a good grasp of SEO complexities is crucial to long-term success. You want to make sure that the search engines find your site and reward your excellent content and hard work by giving you an original listing on their first page.

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Additionally, social media websites such as Facebook are altering their algorithms thus preventing

links from appearing in their feeds, gaining organic traffic is increasingly becoming crucial than ever. But getting your post published on the first page of Google is not always a walk in the park.

Any successful web developer will tell you that taking advantage of primo ranking goes a long way

to cater for the Google’s ever-changing platform. Meaningful and in-depth content remains the ultimate force that boosts your rankings on search engines.

However, other factors play a crucial role in ensuring that the masses discover your site through Google search. Link building is a critical factor that determines how well your website ranks in search engines.

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of generating website links from different websites to your website.

These links are known as Backlinks.

Why Does Building Links Matter to Search Engines specifically Google?

Google is in the process of offering valuable information to its users, so if your content has numerous backlinks, it proves to Google that your content is worth appearing on the first page of their search results.

Frankly, it is almost impossible for businesses to generate organic traffic from their social media platforms. Unless they have a vast mailing list, they are not going to obtain high traffic when they send an email blast.

If you want the masses to discover your website or get organic traffic, then backlinks are crucial to get the much-anticipated traffic surge.

To state it clearly: Backlinks will help you make great strides online in 2018. While this sounds easy and straightforward, there is a lot to be learned to ensure that you are building links the correct way. We will come to that later on, but let us explore why link building is becoming important.

The Basics of Link Building

It is not about building numerous links, but quality links for that matter. Quality links are considered to be the ones that are obtained from trustworthy sources. If you get links from sub-par sites, then your organic search rankings are likely to suffer. This is because Google evaluates each link independently to determine its worth.

A few Indicators of Google’s analysis include:

Anchor Text

This refers to any clickable text available in a hyperlink. This text should be clear and should make it possible for users to know what they will obtain after they click. For search engines, anchor text offers the relevance and context of the linked document or item.


Talking of context, anchor text is not the only thing that helps your site rank high but also the content that surrounds it. Your link should fit naturally with your content without any problem while adding some value to it.


This is a simple parameter that you can easily understand because you want to make sure that your links have an underlying authority. The goal here should be to build links from websites that are within your niche or industry.


Variety can add some spice to your link building efforts. Google looks at the diversity of all your links and the domains that are represented. The more the domains represented, the better you will rank among the search engines.

The Right(and Wrong) Way to Build Links

Links should be perceived as a measure of confidence that other users of the internet have in your content piece. Two main methods are used to build links namely; White hat and black hat methods. Black hat methods can ruin your website rankings, and thus you should avoid them at all costs. Such methods include Private Blog Networks, Spam, comments section, and exchanges.

White hat methods can help you to boost the ranking of your website on search engines, and businesses or individuals should embrace them. Positive reviews, quality content and partnerships are some of the white hat linking building tactics that businesses should adopt. If you want to know more on link building, then visit for more information.