Almost all leading brands and companies reckon that SEO has a vital role in mounting up the value of their digital assets. However, this is because of the major perk of SEO, as the significant and in-depth use of SEO can impressively heighten up your identity on both online and offline platforms.

In the SEO world, the use of SEO is regarded as the most prestigious thing as it hikes up the overall accessibility and search-ability of a website. You might have heard some companies or bloggers name around you who are ranking on the top in the search engine; their web pages are skyrocketing. But what magical things they do in SEO?

If you are also curious about knowing that unrivaled secret, then probably you also desire that your website rank in the top list of Google in 2020. Hence, if you also want to learn about SEO and looking for some effective strategies, then these 15 masterly strategies will offer you some insight on SEO.

Begin your journey with your Target Keywords

If you are striving to mark a strong position in this digital world, then you must know about your target keywords, for instance, they are the foundation of your business and SEO campaigns. Only on the grounds of these keywords, you can achieve successful results.

These targeted keywords can be mentioned with your goods and services people search for. You can also use Google Keyword Planner or the Keyword App if you are still uncertain about the keywords you want to try for your SEO strategies.

Create a Blog

77% of Internet consumers read website posts on a daily basis. When launching a website, you ought to think about starting a blog that helps you to communicate with your target market properly.

Through delivering meaningful, new, and up-to-date content on your site, you will provide your target market all the details they yearn for and how your brand resolves them by addressing any issues they can have.

High-quality blog posts are often promoted by search engines, particularly when they are shared on social media or linked to other websites. However, this can draw more and more people to your site.

Claim a Featured Snippets Position

When you’re working on some question-based articles where you are answering numerous things to people, then you can also create a significant place on Google.

Whenever you ask any question on Google, if you have noticed, then you can find some boxes appearing in the top searches of Google with a written question. And when you click them in four to five lines, you see an answer. These are featured answers that are called a featured snippet.

A research found that landing a single featured snippet can quickly raise the average click-through rate of the website by more than 100 percent. If you also want to rank in these featured snippets, then you can also take the help of some great tools, like SEMrush, that can quickly help you find keywords to featured snippets you are searching for.

Target long-tail keywords than short-tail keywords

Keywords are an essential part of the entire search engine optimization process.

If you really want that your target audience finds your website easily (and if you wish for your content to be ranked in the top search results), then you need to choose the keyword with the quick-witted mind. In content, meta-description, or title, people use two types of keywords.

  • Short-tail keywords: A short-tail keyword includes one to two words, like “Cupcakes.”
  • Long-tail keywords: A long-tail keyword includes three to four words, like “how to make a cupcake.”

When you initiate SEO for a website, you must focus on strategies of using keywords; hence you should try to include more long-tail keywords. A long-tail keyword is more recommended as compared to short-tail since short tail keywords can be a bit tough to compete with.

Understand the three different search intents

Apart from focusing on long-tail and short-tail, another thing you need to consider is ‘the user intents,’ such as:

  • Transactional: Here, you need to find those keywords in which a person wants to buy a product, like a cupcake.
  • Informational: When a person yearns for some information about a topic, like how to make a cupcake?
  • Navigational: When a person wants to visit a particular website, like Apple or Facebook.

It’s important to take into account these users’ intentions as they’re going to affect the keywords you seek for.

Improve your page loading speed

Your page load speed is crucial for a number of reasons. Firstly, if your site’s speed of loading is too sluggish, Google will notice this, so it will affect your rating. However, a sluggish website would also affect the experience of the users on your site. As a result, such negative interactions can even damage the rating.

Most of the website owners never focus on their website’s speed, but if you want to be a pioneer in the digital world, then it is an essential step you must pay attention on. Remove unwanted plugins, use short coding, and pay special attention to hosting that is also a significant part of SEO.

Headings and subheadings, paragraph

Try to use the primary keyword in each heading, subheading, and paragraph, but meaningfully without affecting the quality of the content. Headings should be spicy and catchy so that user instantly draws towards your site.

Title tags

The title tag is a Markup attribute that defines the title of a website. Title tags are shown as a clickable headline on the search engine results sections. They are critical for usability, social media, and SEO. The title tag on the website can provide a concise summary of the content included in it.

A title tag is essential to SEO as it determines whether your title should be shown in search engines or not. However, it’s also the first item a visitor can see.

Meta Descriptions

Also coming with an essential part of SEO, a meta description is a short snippet containing 155 characters which summarize the content in brief. Search engines view the meta summary of the search results only when the term searched is inside the text. Don’t forget to include keywords in it as well.

Internal and external link structure

Link structure also works as the foundation of your website. There’re also loads of things that come under link building you can learn on the internet. These links work as a route to both user and web crawlers that raise the chances of your website to rank in top results on Google.

Schema markupĀ 

Schema markup is code that you can put on your website to help search engines identify the essential information on each page. However, this is great for SEO rankings as it improves the user experience and makes your content easier to find.

Optimize the Images

You can’t overlook to use SEO strategy on images. Make sure that all the images in your content are optimized and reflect the quality of the web page. Moreover, this improves the probability of your site instantly come in top search ratings and brings more attention to the audience to the post.

Google photos account for 10% of all web traffic. Also, this comprises a large number of consumers whom you cannot continue to ignore.

Optimize your site for mobile devices

If you want your site to grow quickly, then make it mobile-friendly. For instance, it is the fact that more than 60 percent of Google searches come from mobile devices. Google actively acknowledges this and rates pages accordingly. Therefore, your website has to be tailored for smartphone usage, and for this, you can hire a developer too.

Properly format your page

Pay special attention to your content and your website layout. It needs to be clean, simple, ordered, and unbridled. Keep in mind details like font size & typography. Also, try to use colorful text, large script, bold, and italics keywords. Things like bullet points, as well as checklists, make it easier for users to browse through the contents.

Encourage sharing on social media

In this era of fierce competition, you must evolve with social media. People love to spend their hourly moments on social media; thus, if you create some ways and some exciting posts which people automatically share across their friend circles. Then nothing can step you back from enjoying enormous traffic. Automatically, your website will start coming in top search results as social sharing is the best step of SEO that leads to better search ranking.

Ultimately, bear these crucial points in your mind, stay consistent with your practices, efforts, and soon, your website will shine amid the top results on Google!