Terms Condition

SPG Techsoft is the company whose services are purchased through the written order or through the fax or mail and the individuals that are above 18 years are eligible to hire us for our amenities. The team that we possess makes every effort to construct and develop codes as well as scripts that do not involve any error. We do not hold ourselves accountable in case of any loss occurred due to malfunctions or due to any other factor. The delays in the delivery of the websites, programming code, graphics, etc may take place in the case of absence of payment. The codes that we deliver are written by the professionals that are highly experienced which ensure that it will run smoothly. We copyright all the codes structured by us to maintain the exclusiveness. We comprehend the needs and requirements of the clients and make sure that they are met. We cannot be held liable for different losses incurred due to failure.


Our team of professionals is skilled in designing and developing websites that possess extraordinary appeal to the customers and the applications designed also do not lead to any problem at the time of the function. The applications constructed by us are compatible with every system and search engines, for instance, Internet explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. Each website once created is tested on every data version whether on PC, MAC, etc. We also cater to the needs of the customers who require nonstandard software for their clients so that they are able to install it easily over Trojan software, etc. This means that the customers can work on portable devices that have various hosting, social websites or e-mails.

Payment procedures

The payment method that we encourage follows a new technique which prevents facing any problem. The payment is essential for the client who wants to avail the services via our website. There is the non-refundable rule for the services that involves huge payments. The client is expected to clear the payment for both domain names registration and the web hosting so that the process of working does not have any troubles.

Customer's responsibilities

To enjoy the array of services that the SPG Techsoft provides the clients must ensure:

  • Their website remains p and running and is easily accessible by the SPG Techsoft.
  • They must notify us instantly if there are any alterations made to the website and whether it will affect the service that we will deliver.
  • Must refrain from installing any application or software that in the opinion of the SPG Techsoft might blight the services offered.
  • Must agree to provide the information to all the companies and individual that access your website including the webmasters that the SPG Techsoft is your service provider.
  • That the client agrees if the SPG Techsoft states that for better optimization the client needs to change its web host.

The agreement of the client is essential to provide SPG Techsoft the path that needs to function and give the client the advantage of enjoying the benefits of the assistance to a great extent.