Responsive Web Design


Responsive web design


Responsive web design is a strategy which demonstrates that the web design and web development should answer to the user’s environment and actions supported by the display size, orientation, and platform.

Cellular phone Internet has taken the world long way in the lead and predominantly the Indian marketplace. You all will be amazed to be acquainted with the fact that there are 2.5 billion internet users, globally, and around 60% of them use cellular phones as the main mode for online accessibility. This means that 6 out of 10 grown-up people use the mobile gadget to access the web. Reports depict that in the year 2012 mobile traffic has been increased by 70%. The circumstances thus disclose a big opportunity for online marketers. If you crave to accomplish your centre of attention on the audience at anytime and anywhere, then there is no preferable option than to master your existing web page or to acquire an exclusively mobile friendly responsive web page design. In either of the case, SPG Techsoft is a single name that you can have faith on for the most groundbreaking and remarkable Responsive Website Design Services in Mumbai, India.

Almost every single client these days desires a mobile version for their website. It’s practically vital after all: one design for iPad and iPhone, another for Kindle and smart phones- and all the display resolution must be user-friendly too. People nowadays find it comfortable to explore online on the touch screen devices as they get busier than ever. Since today it has become important to impress the potential clients towards your services, a website must be compatible with all the devices with diverse configuration.


Responsive web design is fairly an advanced approach to website development and designs to make certain that user have the fine presentation experience no matter what type of gadget they are using. Responsive web design of the SPG Techsoft will deliver you the most enviable out-turn and viewing experience as it get optimized and compatible with respect to the resolution of the device. The accessible design makes it easy for the client to read and navigate without really scrolling and re-sizing the page on the screen. The fluid- grid based design is the keystone of the responsive web design. The fluid grid utilizes the units like percentage which brings in much more and upgrades your experience of viewing.

Business advantages of responsive web design-

- Boosting up your reach to mobile and tablet users

Rising use of internet and the proliferation of apps on the mobile gadgets and the tablets has been the major motive behind this development. Responsive website design means that a particular site can be implemented across different devices. It has been seen that the sale of the tablets is expected to cross 100 million in the coming years. So, this makes it important for those who are looking to optimize their web applications.

- Enhanced SEO

The responsive web design is becoming a necessary for search engine optimization. Well-built back links and improve bounce rates convert a web page into the top search ranking.

- Better online browsing experience

As it is said that the first impression is the last impression, so whether a visitor is visiting your website from a desktop or from the android phone, you want your users to have the positive experience. If a visitor has to do a lot of pinching, zooming and shifting with the page then they will likely to give up browsing through your website.

- Lower bounce rates and increased conversion rates

A responsive website will provide a much better experience to its users. However, if your site is not responsive it is tricky to keep your visitors engaged for long and as a result, they will bounce. Reducing the bounce rates is half of the battle. It is also important to have a secure website which is compatible with all platforms and makes visitors less likely to get stressed.

- Easy mobile development in a cost-effective way

Making the responsive website for mobile devices takes less time as compared to the set desktop website, thus responsive website naturally cost less than the alternative. With a responsive website, you will end up saving your money for the long-term.

SPG Techsoft is well-renowned Web Development Company with the provision of client satisfaction service. We are capable in providing certified services to all our clients. With help of our talented developers, with the utilization of advanced technology and tools, ability to diagnose the needs and requirements of the client, we eventually draw the required design which will be responsive enough to construct a unique and compatible website.